Digital is the New Green

Eco friendly green printerAt Xerographic Digital Printers, we strive to be not only a top-quality digital printer, but also a responsible corporate citizen. We’re proud that our digital printing technology is friendly to the earth.

Here’s how:

Our Digital Printing Reduces Waste.

Digital printing typically uses much less paper than traditional printing. Offset printers have long setups and constant running waste, often higher than 15%. That means that for every printing job produced, 15% more is just thrown in the trash. Since digital equipment doesn’t require setups, and uses electronic charges to place ink, scrap is often lower than 5%. By switching from offset to digital printing, you could eliminate at least 10% of paper waste. On top of that, we only purchase paper meeting environmentally friendly standards. What an easy way to help save a tree!

Proofs Can Be Sent and Approved Electronically.

With offset, if you need a press proof, there’s a lot of set-up. Plates have to be made, paper run through the press, printed on, and then cut down to size. All of this for a few copies of your brochure. PDF workflows are now the norm, and totally paperless. And even if you do need a paper proof on a digital printing press, it’s easy to produce one copy of a job without excessive waste.

Digital Printing Uses Fewer Toxic Chemicals.

With offset printing, you need dark room chemicals to produce plates, which themselves are polyester or rubber, an environmental challenge. In addition to all of these harmful byproducts, offset also uses solvents to remove ink from the rollers.

With digital printing, we reduce most of the physical and chemical waste that is used in offset printing.

So if cost-effectiveness, environmental-friendliness and reliability are important to you, digital printing is your superior printing solution.