In July, Xerographic Digital Printing had the privilege to be a part of the Compassionate Friends Conference in Orlando. The Compassionate Friends conference is an annual event that brings people together for a common cause. That cause is to help grieving families who have lost children to any cause at any age, by providing friendship, understanding, and hope.

This year, we supported the event in the highlight moment of the event; a Memory Walk featuring 700 signs in memory of lost family members. We are so immensely humbled to be a part of the event, and hope that we were able to bring some light to those who needed it.

Last Thursday, Xerographic Digital Printing ‘Rocked the House’ with an invitation-only showcase for their latest technology: the HP Indigo 12000. Throughout the evening, HP representatives revealed the advantages, as well as the ‘WOW’ factor, of this new cutting-edge technology. Co-President Steve Ebanks praised the new platform, adding, “This will change the way people think about print and how creatives design future marketing projects.”

HP Indigo 12000

Tours of the facility and demonstrations from partner companies displayed Xerographic’s unique quality and design. Representatives from GPA Paper, Mac Papers and Westrock Paper showed off sample applications of specialty papers specifically designed to be used with HP Indigo 12000 inks, including the introduction of white ink!


While the event mainly emphasized Xerographic’s printing capabilities and the partner companies who make it happen, the night was filled with lots of networking and a variety of entertainment. The beer and wine tasting proved to be a big hit hosted by Orlando Brewing and Quantum Leap Winery respectively; along with the delightful eats catered by Cuisiniers Catered Cuisine & Events. In addition to the cuisine, guests got to “rock out” to live music provided by celebrity artist Amy Whitcomb of The Voice.

Xerographic’s private event ended with a showcase of talent from live printing demonstrations to live musical performances. Guests left with a variety of HP knowledge, as well as a thank-you bag of paper specialty substrates and a USB of Amy Whitcomb’s music.

If you missed this event, please call Xerographics to schedule your own private tour today at 407.236.0616.

Even in today’s digital-obsessed world, nothing beats the look and feel of a quality printing job in your hands. A beautifully bound and finished book, a glossy event brochure, or a batch of perfectly printed invitations become keepsakes we cherish for the rest of our lives.

Xerographic Digital Printing has been serving Orlando, Florida, and the Central Florida for the past 25 years. This digital printing company now has clients throughout the U.S. thanks to the Internet. Innovators in the Orlando area, we were the area’s first printing house to offer print-from-disk capability and the first to offer color printing. Look to us for all your printing fulfillment, design, creative services, personalized direct marketing, large format, USB/CD/DVD duplication, binding, and print finishing needs.

Don’t see the service you need listed here? Call Xerographic Digital Printing toll-free at 877-558-0616.

Listed here are some of the most common basic print finishes. Use this guide to help you find the best print finish for your project.


An embossed finish has a pattern raised above the background. The opposite effect, in which the finished surface is set below rather than raised above the paper, is called debossing. Debossing is a popular finish for business cards.

To make an embossed pattern, our company presses the paper stock in between two dies, one recessed and the other raised. The paper stock comes out stamped with the embossed pattern. This may sound simple, but for the best result, we have to skillfully control the pressure, temperature, and depth of the stamping effect.

Foil Stamping

Combining embossing techniques with a thin sheet of pigmented or metallic foil creates a foil stamped design, which permanently adheres to the paper stock. A foil stamped finish can give a distinctive look to a report, envelope, note card, invitation card, business card, or letterhead. It also adds color and shine to a monochromatic paper project.

Foil stamping, embossing, and debossing are collectively known or letterpress print finishing techniques.


A page that’s been laminated has been encased between two thin sheets of plastic. Laminating helps give paper strength and durability. Laminated finishes can also be wiped clean, which makes them a popular choice for printing restaurant menus.

When choosing a laminated finish, you’ll have a wide variety of options to consider. These include:
• The thickness of the laminating material
• Glossy or matte finish
• Sealed edge (extending beyond the edge of the paper) or flush edge (ending where the paper ends)
• Squared off or rounded corners
• Die cutting

Spot UV Varnish

Spot UV varnish is coating technique. In this method, we add a varnish only to certain parts of a piece of paper stock to make those parts stand out. Ultraviolet, or UV, light is used to make the varnish dry quickly.

Spot UV varnish can be added to plain or printed card stock, usually for projects on heavy card stock as opposed to thin paper. It always adds shine and gloss. Our clients can decide whether they want a light shine or a highly glossed finish surface.


Varnishes, also called paper coatings, are applied to the paper stock surface to give it a consistent and lightly protected finish. Glossy magazines and high-quality illustrated books typically have a varnished finish. Varnishes can be glossy, satin, or dull, and can be applied with or without a tint.

There are myriad printing finish choices for all kinds of printing projects. This guide isn’t intended to be an in-depth tutorial, but simply to introduce you to some of the many options for finishing your print masterpiece.

Whether or not you’re in the Orlando, Florida, area, you can bring your print design ideas and questions to Xerographic Digital Printing. Xerographic can even print lottery-style scratch-off cards and promotional buttons customized for your business.

You probably haven’t put much thought into different types of printing available to your business. Some may think it’s just ink on paper, but you actually do have options! Traditionally, there are two main types of printing, digital and offset. We are going to dig into the details and advantages of both so you can make an informed decision on which one is best for your printing needs.

The Basics of Offset Printing

This printing system once ruled in large companies because it gave them the ability to print mass quantities at a low price. Offset simply means the image isn’t immediately transmitted onto paper. Instead, the inked impression is first transferred to printing plates then relocated onto a rubber blanket. The rubber blanket acts like a large stamp to then print onto multiple pieces of paper, as well as many other materials. This printing technique allows printing on many different surfaces such as wood, cloth, plastic, or even leather. When considering image quality, large quantities, or non-conventional surfaces, offset printing may be the best choice.

The Basics of Digital Printing

Digital printing is likely the most familiar form of printing to most people. When digitally printing, you use things such as toners, or liquid ink to create your design. A digital-based image is directly printed to paper rather than being transferred to plates like the offset method. Due to the fact that digital printers are not utilizing plates in this system, there is a higher cost. However, this higher cost is balanced out when you consider the specialized process involved in using the compared method. Digital printing is the best  route if you’re interested in low-quantity, high-quality printing projects.

Advantages of Digital Printing:

• Quick turnaround
• Lower quantity minimum
• Design flexibility
• Personalized printing such as names, addresses, or numbering
• Technology advancing digital quality benefiting more users
• Lower setup costs

Advantages of Offset Printing:

• Printing on a variety of surfaces
• Able to print multiple pages at once
• The more quantity needed, the lower the cost
• Minimizes wasted insufficient contrast prints with better ink control
• Consistent high image quality
• Rubber blanket conforms to the texture of the printing surface

How will I know which is best?

While both methods are very useful, it is ultimately going to depend on the requirements of your project. When you are producing mass quantities, printing on an unusual surface, or are using metallic or fluorescent colors, offset is going to be your best option. If you quickly need a page or two or individual information such as addresses or phone numbers, digital printing is perfect. The best part is that as a consumer, you have options that can be met with either of these choices, and no matter what they will be quality prints.

Learn about Xerographic Digital Printing’s purchase of the first HP Indigo 12000 to come off the production line in the United States. We are in the news at these leading publications.

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Whenever we assess our new equipment needs, the wishes of our current and future clients are foremost in mind. After talking with current and prospective clients, we identified their top needs to be equipment that can:

  • Run larger sheet sizes
  • Print on a wider variety of media or substrates, including metallics, heavier stocks and window-clings.

Additionally, we know we have to continue to deliver the top printing quality we’re known for and our clients demand. That means remaining educated about the cutting edge of printing technology, and all its potential benefits.

That led us to the leaders in digital printing technology – HP.

HP’s line of Indigo printers delivers the quality we require, along with the features and benefits our clients wish for. We knew we had found the solution:
The HP Indigo 12000.

We consider “her” now part of the Xerographic Digital Printing family. She delivers what our clients are looking for:

  • She handles 20″ x 29″ sheets, enough to print a full pocket folder, both sides, in one pass.
  • She can print a full 18″ x 24″ poster, with superior quality.
  • She can print on window-cling media quickly, in a single shot.
  • She can print up to 7 colors at one time, using a unique digital offset blanket technology, even up to an 18-point card stock.
  • She utilizes a unique method of preparing and delivering toner (or more accurately “electro-ink”) for immediate drying and superior coverage.
  • She can utilize white ink to print on dark substrates or as a unique solution for printing window-clings with outstanding results.

We liked our Indigo 12000 so much, we added her baby brother, too – the “HP Indigo 5600”. With matching technology, but in a slightly smaller configuration, we can now handle our clients’ large and small jobs without any delays, still using this newest printing technology.

We knew we had found our new equipment solution, answering our current and future clients’ wishes. The HP Indigo 12000 has taken digital printing to the next level quickly and with outstanding results. And we’re proud to say ours is the first installation of its kind in the Central Florida area.

Call us today to schedule a tour and watch our newest member of the Xerographic family in action. Let us help you bring your greatest creative challenges to life, with the unique capabilities of our newest family members, the HP Indigo 12000 or 5600.

You need a partner in Orlando to help you make your meeting, conference or convention a great success. We know you have a lot of pressure on you. You can trust our experienced staff and our impressive array of equipment and services. We’re your partner here in Orlando.

1. Location

Our Xerographic Digital Printing facility is centrally located, close to most of Central Florida’s largest convention venues. The Orlando Convention Center and any number of convention hotels and resorts are all within a quick 15-minute drive. Our experienced staff is ready to help you with your printing needs while you’re here in Orlando or prior to your arrival. Local deliveries or shipping to your preferred destination are no problem.

And our Orlando location allows us to print your credentials, binders or agendas and deliver them locally, saving you time and the cost of shipping across the country.

2. Capacity

We are the largest digital printer in Orlando. We can do it all for you in our 20,000 square-foot production facility. We have the capacity to produce what you need, when you need it, with six modern, high-speed digital production printers and a full in-house bindery. Our variety of digital printing equipment allows us to handle any job, without interruptions.

And our in-house finishing equipment will take care of your binding needs – trimmed, punched, stitched, spiral-bound or even perfect-bound.

3. Experience

We know what you need because we’ve serviced the convention industry for over 20 years. You need reliability and you need fast turnaround. We are the partner who stays up when you’re up, who you can reach anytime. We can deliver if you need it overnight or even same-day. We are your extra set of eyes to check your work. We deliver it on time and to the right place, sorted and with labels, that will make your job easier.

4. Convenience and Hospitality

Our conference room is yours, if it will help you plan, prepare and get organized. And our staff will be available to consult with you to answer any technical or production questions you may have. We want to work together to make your conference in Orlando a success.

5. Digital Printing Flexibility

And last, but not least, because we are all digital, we can print any quantity, large or small, very efficiently, very quickly, with minimal waste of resources or time. If you haven’t used digital printing before, let us introduce you to its advantages, and, at the same time, make your Orlando convention or conference a true success!

Since Orlando is the second largest meeting destination in the U.S., it’s pretty likely that you’ll have a convention, conference or meeting here sometime soon. Give us a call, and let’s start discussing your printing needs, and how we can take care of everything while you’re here in Orlando.


Surely David Bowie wasn’t thinking about printing when he wrote his hit song, “Changes” in 1971. But the chorus “Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes” certainly fits what’s going on in the printing industry today.

From Gutenberg’s movable type press in 1450, to the start of offset printing in 1875, people have found ways, more and more efficiently, to communicate on paper. But it took until 1991 for the technology behind digital printing to be practical. And we’ve made it our mission to focus on this newest technique and leverage its benefits for our clients. As this technology and its equipment have continued to evolve in the past 25 years, we’ve continued to stay up to date with it.

Buyers Benefit

Short run, high-quality, full-color printing, that once cost an arm and a leg, is now readily available in the marketplace. Print consumers are no longer held hostage with the decision to buy more than they need just to get the cost-per-piece down. Waste due to obsolescence can now be controlled with smart buying. Delivery time is much shorter and just-in-time delivery or print on demand is now mainstream.

One size fits all?

Is the latest digital technology a good fit for every niche? No, offset still has its place. But the offset marketplace is shrinking as digital technologies become faster, higher quality and more cost effective. Offset technologies are most cost effective on longer run jobs. The definition of longer runs is a moving target since digital is changing rapidly. But certainly run lengths in the tens of thousands and greater are best suited for offset…most of the time.

Game Changer

Personalized printing changes the game on even extremely long run jobs. Digital printers have the ability to personalize a piece, such as a direct mail postcard. Marketers can target their marketing to the individual based on information they have in their database, such as gender, age, location, income and past purchases. Used effectively, this can provide marketers with the Holy Grail of marketing: Return on Investment – ROI.


Two areas stand out as sweet spots for digital printing: Short-run printing and personalized printing. It’s very difficult for offset to compete in these areas, due to longer set-up time and costs. Buyers want flexibility to buy only what’s needed. This gives them the ability to edit and update content before the next printing is due.

Personalized printing is a marketing tool that we’re seeing more often in our mailboxes. We’re also seeing the same content delivered via email, SMS, social media and micro websites. Digital printing, combined with these other technologies, is a powerful tool for marketers.

“Variable data printing (VDP)”, “Personalized Printing,” “1-to-1 Printing,” “Personalized Images”

These terms all mean the same thing: Documents that merge database information, along with text and images, tailored to the recipient. The purpose is to increase response rate by getting the recipient’s attention. Digital printing is the only way to deliver this.

Print on Demand, Just-in-Time Printing

This is the ultimate benefit of digital printing. Print what you need, when you need it. No need to buy more than you’ll use and risk obsolescence. Some customers order daily, others weekly or monthly, depending on their usage cycle. At Xerographic Digital Printing, we offer custom client portals, allowing our partners to track their projects, get them approved, and send them into the print queue. And they can do that 24/7.

Give us a call. We look forward to discovering your printing needs. As the leading digital printer in Orlando, you can rest assured that we will recommend the most efficient technique and technology to make you an expert in digital printing, too.