Quality Printing Services in Orlando

You have an idea in mind. You need to get a message across. And you have to distribute it to some audience.

That’s where we at Xerographic Digital Printing come in.

We can help you bring that idea to life. If you need design help, we’re there for you. If you need some technical assistance to prepare it for printing, we’ve got you covered. And you can count on us to transform your idea into a tangible piece, ready to distribute to your audience.

The Big Finish

Once it’s printed, your piece needs to be finished up. We might just need to trim it out. We can staple (“stitch”) it. How about spiral binding? Yes! We can do that, just like a spiral-bound notebook. We can even do perfect binding, to make your printed piece look like a finished book on the shelf.

All this, under one roof.

Printing Fulfillment

Once the printing, binding and finishing is complete, we’ll mail or ship it wherever you want. All at once, or on a schedule of your choosing. Our Fulfillment Department will meticulously label, ship and track everything, ensuring that nothing falls between the cracks. And you can rest easy that everything will arrive when and where it’s supposed to be.

Our Printing Equipment

It’s not important that you be familiar with each of our state-of-the-art printing and finishing machines. What you do need to know is that our variety of machines can create an infinite variety of sizes and shapes of printed materials, printing on a variety of different media. And, because it’s digital, we don’t need to change printing plates or pour on ink, making our process environmentally friendly.

We can change the words or pictures that go on the page, while it’s running. We can personalize and customize your piece, in a way no offset press has ever been able to do. Your customers can be addressed by name, targeting their specific interests and locations. And our finishing equipment will make it just perfect.

Print or Digital Media?

Most of the time, we’re helping our partners create custom printed materials, large or small quantities, any shape or size, bound together in a variety of ways.

But sometimes you need it in digital form.

We can personalize the CDs and DVDs with your custom artwork, and then mass duplicate them for everyone on your list.

Or what about a USB? We can duplicate your traditional “thumb drives” but what about one that looks like a business card? This unique USB can hold up to 64 GB of your content, whether it’s legal documents, videos or files. No matter which format best suits you, we’ve got you covered!

Learn more about our digital media duplication.

Size Matters

Need a long banner for the back of your conference booth or front of your building? We can help you out there.

Our Large Format printing equipment can print in full color, on a variety of media, up to 60″ wide and any length. We’ll even finish it off with laminating, grommets and wall hangers, if you desire.

Learn more about each of our Printing Services:

  • Digital Printing: Understand the benefits of what digital printing can do for you. We will consult with you to be sure the proper technology is used to make your printing project perfect.
  • Large Format: Learn how we can print up to 5-feet wide on a variety of materials.
  • Design & Creative Services: Discover how our Design & Creative Services can take your ideas to the next level, out of the box and on-target, to optimize your conversions.
  • Client Portals: Customized for you, we’ll create your own online portal to streamline workflow and give you more control of your projects.
  • Binding/Finishing: When the printing is done, we have the equipment to make it function perfectly.
  • USB/CD/DVD Duplication: We can duplicate Digital Media for a variety of applications, depending on your needs.
  • Personalized Direct Marketing: Your direct mail will be more effective when we personalize and customize it, to better relate to your prospects and increase conversions.
  • Fulfillment/Shipping: Distributing your printed projects is the final step in the process. We can get your printed materials to you anywhere in the world, efficiently.

Other Services:

We are proud to say, we’re more than just a printer. We want to help you with all your communication pieces. Let’s get creative and figure out some unusual methods of reaching your target audience and selling your products.

  • Custom Calendars – Personalized for your company and recipient.
  • Loyalty Cards – Perfect for your loyal customers to keep in their wallets.
  • Scratch-off cards – Designed to work perfectly for your game or seasonal promotion.
  • Promotional Buttons – Many sizes and shapes, with your unique message.