Book Binding & Finishing

Once it’s printed, your piece needs to be finished up. The binding and finishing we do is part of our creative process. Not only does it serve the function of holding everything together, but it also communicates a level of professionalism appropriate for the piece. Determining the proper binding and finishing can affect how easy or hard it might be to handle the printed piece.

We Offer Stitch & Spiral Binding

We might just need to trim it out. We can staple (“stitch”) it. How about spiral binding? Yes! We can do that, just like a spiral-bound notebook. That’s especially appropriate for training materials, which need to lie flat while your employee is studying.

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We Can Make it Perfect.

We can even do perfect binding, to make your printed piece look like a finished book on the shelf. For a volume with a lot of pages that needs to be a handy reference on the shelf, perfect binding is a great option. And let’s discuss how we can wrap it all together with a custom cover to make your book stand out.

And more…

How about wire-o, plastic coil, custom tabs, lamination, UV coating, scratch-offs or shrink-wrapping. We’ve got you covered, literally.

Call us and let’s determine together how our in-house binding and finishing equipment can help complete your project, and reflect the design and function you desire.