Let us be your Orlando-based Convention Printer.

Xerographic delivers to convention centerNeed help?
Here you are, in Orlando, and you need the transcript from today’s session printed to distribute to the attendees tomorrow. Or maybe you need more credentials printed.

Or you wish you could save the cost of shipping and have your materials printed in Orlando, where your convention is being held.

If only you had a quality printing resource locally here in Orlando who could help. Well, you do!

We’re Your Orlando Printing Partner!

We know there are times that you’ll need a local printing partner here in Orlando. It might be a team-building session, conference or convention. The pressure’s on. That’s where Xerographic Digital Printing can help.

Yes! Our trusted staff, quality high-tech digital printing equipment, in-house finishing and dependability can all be brought up to speed quickly, regardless of the quantity or your deadline. And we’re experienced in producing the wide range of printing that you might need.

Convention Printing FAQs

Q: How can your Orlando location benefit me during my Orlando convention?
A: No matter where you are in the U.S., if your printed pieces need to end up in Orlando for a convention or conference, why not let us print for you here, in Orlando, and we can deliver to you locally? This saves you the time and cost of shipping from your home base. You can count on our outstanding quality, customer service and attention to detail, to produce and deliver the printed piece you design, right to your booth at the Orlando Convention Center. (They’re just down the road from us.) And we’re very familiar with all the convention resort hotels throughout Central Florida, so we can deliver to your trade show or conference no matter where in Central Florida it’s held.

Q: Will my printing quality suffer if I use you rather than my local printer?
A: We can deliver printing quality equal or superior to any printer you’re using in your hometown. We maintain the highest stands of Quality Control, so you would never have to compromise on your final piece. Our many awards and long-term happy clients are the proof of this.

Q: Can you print quickly, even after my convention has started?
A: Yes! Our Orlando location can be very convenient if you are attending a conference or working a trade show booth here in Orlando, the largest convention destination in the U.S. Since we’re just up the road, we can utilize our digital printing technologies and outstanding customer service and solve your problems. And quickly! Do you need an agenda updated for tomorrow? Do you need new credentials printed for your attendees? We can help you, OVERNIGHT, if needed. By appointment, we can make our offices available to you to solve whatever challenges your conference has handed you. Yes! We are your local solution to your Orlando conference needs.

Q: How close are you to the Orlando Convention Center?
A: According to Google Maps, we are about 8 miles and 16 minutes from the Orlando Convention Center, depending on traffic. And we can deliver to convention hotels on the Disney property within 20-30 minutes. Our Orlando location is a great benefit to you, if your conference or trade show is here.

Q: Can you help me design or make changes during my convention?
A: Yes! Our meeting room is yours. And our Customer Service representatives will bring in any help you need, from design to pre-press consulting, in order to deliver an outstanding printed piece for your convention. We know deadlines are tight, and stress runs high in these situations. Let us take some of that burden off your shoulders, and make you look good.

Q: Can I send you files before my convention, and have the printing delivered to me at my convention?
A: Yes! That’s a perfect solution to shortening delivery time and costs. Upload your files to us, we’ll give you an exact quote and deliver your job right to your trade show booth, saving you the time and expense of delivery from your hometown.