Personalized Direct Mail Marketing

Digital printing offers the great advantage of personalizing a message to your prospects. No more do your printed pieces or mailers have to be generic. How much more powerful would it be if you could address your prospect by name or reference their city? Your images can be changed to reflect images you know are more appealing to your prospects. Maybe you know they like cruises better than ski vacations. Our digital printing process can, on the fly, change the text and images to be appropriate to your customer. And it’s been proven. This technique increases conversion.

It’s All About Your Data.

We can work with you and your available data to create customized and personalized messages, which will relate directly to your prospects. Depending on what you know about your customers, we can help you build a most effective printed piece to maximize your sales. We’ll work with you to get your data in the proper format to run through our system and deliver your custom pieces.

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What’s Yours is Yours (and Safe)!

Rest assured, we handle your data with kid gloves. It’s never shared or sold. And we maintain state-of-the-art network security protocols against any potential external hacks.

Just like the rest of our services, we approach every project creatively, looking outside the box to come up with unique and effective communications to solve your printing and mailing challenges.

Call us today, and let’s discuss your up-coming mailing project. Yes! Our team here at Xerographic Digital Printing can help you create the most unique and effective mailing you’ve ever done.